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Customized Educational Programs

More Educational ChoicesWe can create customized educational programs through The Tutoring School to meet the needs of the individual learner. After receiving a request for information, we will meet with the interested student and family. At this time, we can address individual academic goals, as well as any scheduling issues or educational challenges. The Tutoring School is ready to develop a customized learning plan that meets the needs of the traditional, commuting, pre-professional, international, or homeschooled student. Though we do not have LD-certified teachers on staff, the individualized nature of our courses can be an advantage for young adults with mild learning disabilities who require a flexible teaching style. The Tutoring School’s services support the attainment of educational goals and help students overcome learning obstacles. The courses we offer are accredited by The Beekman School. Interesting electives, challenging classes, science labs, and skills improvement tutoring are all available. Take the next step to receiving excellent educational support as a high school student in New York City. Contact us for more information on our accredited courses and customized tutoring services.

Private Tutoring for High School Students

The Tutoring School provides private tutoring for high school students who have a range of skill levels. After talking with a student, we can develop a personalized program for tutoring or test preparations. One-on-one tutoring with a knowledgeable instructor can build a stronger foundation for academic success. Small group classes, which are limited to a maximum of three students, also provide an optimal learning environment. We develop personalized education plans that guide enrichment at our facility, in the home, or at an alternate location. We invite you to visit our FAQ section and call us today to learn more about our extensive educational opportunities.

We have transitioned entirely to live online learning while New York City school buildings are closed.
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