220 East 50th Street
New York, NY 10022

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Job Title: 
M.S. Biology University of Texas at Arlington, B.S. biology University of Texas at Arlington

I enjoy sharing my passion of science with students and helping students to love science. Since receiving my Master's, I have spent 7 years in education. During grad school, I worked as a math and science tutor for grades 6th through college. I fell in love with teaching and became a Biology and Chemistry teacher at a local Dallas high school while adjuncting as a biology instructor at El Centro College. I then worked for 5 years at El Centro College as a biology and anatomy and physiology instructor prior to moving to New York and joining The Beekman School. 

We are welcoming students to class this fall either via a hybrid in-person/online learning model in NYC or via fully remote, synchronous online classes. 

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