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Job Title: 
BS, Mathematics in the Actuarial Concentration, George Mason University

Sagar Patel (B.S., Mathematics in the Actuarial Concentration, George Mason University) teaches Mathematics courses offered at The Tutoring School, as well as other subjects, since 2018. For 10 years, Sagar worked as a Business Analyst in the finance, healthcare, and software industries, and has over 5 years of classroom and private teaching experience all over New York City. Sagar is also an actor of stage and screen. He has a passion for empowering students to be the best they can be, with the understanding that all students excel in specific approaches over others. With that in mind, he always intends to help each succeed with the utmost professionalism and patience. Given his corporate background, he's also resourceful for career guidance and advice, and gladly willing to answer questions regarding college and onward!

We are welcoming students to class this fall either via a hybrid in-person/online learning model in NYC or via fully remote, synchronous online classes. 

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