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How We’re Responding to COVID-19 at Beekman

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The Beekman School

For Beekman's Reopening Plan and related guidelines, click here.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated changes in the way we conduct day-to-day business for The Beekman School and The Tutoring School. For the health and safety of our students, teachers, and staff, we are offering two options for learning this fall. Students can choose to attend class in a hybrid model of both in-person and virtual learning throughout the week, or they can opt for fully remote, synchronous online learning. We offer both options so that our students and their families can choose the route that would make them most comfortable.

While our mode of delivering instruction has changed, our methods and mission have not. The bedrock of The Beekman School’s educational philosophy has always been a focus on individualization and flexibility. While COVID-19 rapidly changed the educational landscape this past school year, forcing some schools to limit or end direct instruction all together, The Beekman School was prepared to keep our classes running virtually because adapting to the ever-evolving needs of our students is what we do best.

Utilizing Zoom, we were not only able but excelled in providing the same level of attention and instruction given in the classroom. We held regular classes, advisory, and club meetings, and even created several activities, such as movie and game nights, that would be more challenging to run during a regular school year.

With the new school year already marked by so much uncertainty in larger districts, The Beekman School is here to provide stability. Our commitment to individualization and flexibility means that our students and parents have what many others do not - choice. Whether it’s in school or virtual, small group classes or one-to-one, Spanish language classes or Japanese language classes, SAT/ACT prep math or AP Calculus, The Beekman School has been and continues to be a school that will meet the needs of every student and family.

The Beekman School remains focused on our mission - to provide a differentiated curriculum that unites flexibility and compassion in a safe yet challenging environment. Through our new learning environment, Beekman teachers continue to deliver face-to-face instruction and provide in-the-moment feedback to our students as we work through personalized learning plans. 

We have adapted to these new circumstances and we are confident in our ability to continue to provide the same level of quality education for our students in our new capacities. 

"[My daughter]’s online school experience has been truly wonderful.  All of [her] teachers have been very supportive and the transition has been seamless. Class each day has given [her] consistency, support, and intellectual stimulation. It takes a village, and Beekman has been such an anchor for [my daughter] before, and now, during this very trying time.  We are truly lucky to be part of the Beekman Community." - Parent


Are students returning to the school building in the fall?

That’s up to you! Families can choose between a hybrid model, combining direct and virtual education, or an entirely virtual model.  The hybrid model will employ an A/B schedule, with students in each of these groups attending class in-person two days a week, and virtually three days a week.

Will there be a hybrid option for all classes?

As always, students can elect to take small group classes through The Beekman School or one-to-one classes through The Tutoring School. In order to meet the safety regulations set by Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio, one-to-one classes will meet virtually, as teachers and students cannot reasonably maintain appropriate spacing in such a close setting.

What opportunities are there for students to safely socialize?

This year, The Beekman School will be providing dedicated time for our students and faculty to form those crucial bonds that make school a safe and comforting space. Every Friday, faculty and staff will host a rotating schedule of advisory, club meetings, and office hours. Student voice will also shape how we plan the year - students are always welcome to suggest and even run their own clubs (under faculty supervision) and we will create other events based on feedback from students and faculty.

We love our current school, but the options for the fall are so limited. Can students take individual classes at The Beekman School?

Yes. There is no one way for students to learn at Beekman; our students attend full-time and part-time, blend individual and group classes, take one class for a quarter, semester, or year, and many other variations. 

Our current school is virtual this year and I struggled last year to help my child with the curriculum, is homework tutoring an option?

Yes. Tutors are available to assist students with classes ranging from advanced physics to ninth grade English, or to be a “study buddy” who provides students with moral and academic support to complete homework. Learn more about our tutoring options.



For Prospective Students

We are accepting new students for this school year in both The Beekman School and The Tutoring School, and continue to provide one-to-one instruction and tutoring support to new students. 

While we are presently unable to host physical tours of our campus, we invite prospective students and their parents to view our Virtual Tour video to become acquainted with Beekman.


If you and your high schooler are interested in any of our programs, please fill out our contact form or email us at info@beekmanschool.org.


We are welcoming students to class this spring either via a hybrid in-person/online learning model in NYC (following our Spring Break), or via fully remote, synchronous online classes.  Learn more about our response to COVID-19 >