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New York, NY 10022

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Job Title: 
PhD, Physics: University of Buenos Aires
Luis Martin teaches all Math and Physics classes offered by The Beekman School including Calculus, Statistics, Algebra I/II, Geometry, SAT/ACT Math, Physics in all its levels, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and AP Physics. Luis is also a tutor at the Tutoring School, customizing classes for all kinds of students and situations, adapting syllabi for students with learning disabilities and/or in special situations. Luis is passionate about Math and Science, and thus has dedicated his entire life to learning, teaching, and researching. His experience as an astrophysicist has allowed him to deal with very complex mathematical and physical concepts as well as interact with very talented people in an extremely multicultural environment. He believes that how people conceptualize and learn new things can change drastically from one person to another and that combining formal and customized education is an excellent way to unleash the real potential in people.  

We are welcoming students to class this fall via both in-person and online learning models in NYC.
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