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Advanced Economics

Advanced Economics at The Beekman School

This is a required one-semester course.  In it we will study basic types of economic systems, how they intersect with government, and how they affect the people who live under them.  Specifically, we will focus on the U.S. economy by looking at the two main branches: macroeconomics and microeconomics. 

In order to understand how the U.S. came to adopt its economic system, we will begin the course by looking at some of the most discussed pieces written on economics by thinkers such as Mill, Marx, Malthus and Smith.  This should provide a background that will give context to thinking about our way of living compared to other countries today, as well how people lived in the past. 

This course should also provide a framework to understand news reports and politicians when they speak about inflation, the GNP, trusts, globalization, investments, balance of trade, taxes, etc.

Even if you don’t agree with Marx’s viewpoint that money dictates every aspect of our lives, it is true that money is inextricably tied to them.  Whether in terms of a business involvement, your own wallet, or the government, understanding how these decisions are made and how they affect you is an indispensable undertaking. 

Students in the advanced section of this class are expected to complete challenging assignments and be able to write cogently.   Students will also create independent research projects that they will present to the class.