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Beekman’s Learning Specialist

Beekman is dedicated to uplifting our students’ success through the development of personalized learning schedules and plans for each individual. For those students that need extra attention, Beekman is pleased to provide the services of our dedicated learning specialist.

What Does a Learning Specialist Do?

A learning specialist provides resources to support students with learning difficulties. Specifically, Beekman’s learning specialist works with students who require an additional layer of support as a result of a temporary disability, chronic illness, diagnosed learning differences, executive functioning challenge, or social skill weakness.

At Beekman, our Director of Learning Support is a critical factor in the success of many of our students. They form partnerships with students, parents, and teachers, aligning students’ academic goals and providing regular communication regarding student progress.

Our learning specialist works with students to identify and address learning challenges by developing strategies to assist with time management, work completion, self-advocacy skills, and foster independence. Beekman’s learning specialist also provides student-centered accommodations to help students  find success when learning opportunities are presented both in the classroom and in shared social spaces. The Beekman School provides two flexible learning environments to help all students formulate the right schedule. This may include classes both in The Beekman School and The Tutoring School, depending on the student’s individual needs. Our learning specialist can help students and parents determine the right mix of class types to drive students’ success.

Learn more about how Beekman’s learning specialist can help students dealing with mild learning disabilities and chronic illness.

What’s the Difference Between a Learning Specialist and a Special Education Teacher?

Beekman’s learning specialist provides individualized educational support outside of the classroom, and academic planning for those students who need it. Our learning specialist is not a special education teacher but brings applicable skills and expertise to our general education classes.

Contact us to learn more about how our learning specialist can help your child.