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Online Classes for High School Students

Both Internet tutoring programs and online classes for high school students are offered through The Tutoring School. Students who have a high-speed Internet connection can receive this convenient form of instruction, and enrollment in The Beekman School is not required.

Online Classes – Our for-credit online classes allow students to attend high school “on the go" or in the comfort of their homes. These virtual high school classes feature personalized instruction, including opportunities for face-to-face interaction with teachers. Students can:

  • Retake a class for credit 
  • Complete accredited high school courses as a distance learner
  • Take online classes for high school from therapeutic or sequestered environments
  • Enroll in advanced or college level courses not available at their current schools
  • Take non-credit classes for knowledge enrichment

Online CoursesOnline Tutoring – High school students often benefit from interactive tutoring that is computer based. Video-conferencing sessions can be scheduled with our faculty members for reinforcement of classroom learning, with the number and length of sessions based on the educational objectives. An online tutoring session can provide:

  • One on one help with coursework or homework
  • Midterm exam, final exam, or standardized test preparation
  • Basic skills enrichment

Go to High School Online. Anytime.

We make it easier for students to attend e-classes or go to high school online. The Tutoring School has a variety of options for Internet instruction, whether a learner needs to earn course credit, expand classroom knowledge, or receive homework help. Many of our accredited courses and summer programs for high school students are taught online. Our Skype tutoring allows students to communicate directly with a teacher when required. Contact us for information about our online high school programs and their educational advantages.