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The Beekman Difference

Personalized Education

We occupy a unique and important space in the college preparatory landscape through our individual and personal approach to education. There is virtually no educational need we cannot meet – from students looking for a more personalized and challenging environment, to those who are pre-professional and require flexibility in their schedules, to those seeking a fresh start and the satisfaction of success. The Beekman School allows students to accelerate coursework for early graduation, or to pace workloads to extend graduation an extra semester or year. We can also fully customize their schedules through morning- or afternoon-only classes.

Extensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is extremely comprehensive, offering a vast array of standard academic courses paired with numerous electives ranging from Ecology to Web Design. Students can choose from university-level courses in math, science, humanities and English, as well as courses designed specifically for a student on almost any topic that can be made available through The Tutoring School, our on-site individualized learning program.

Individual Attention

The Beekman School opened its doors in 1925 and is a well-established and respected academic institution. It is the top private high school in Manhattan delivering a traditional college preparatory program that is the most flexible, most personalized and most balanced to each student’s needs. While most students are accepted at the start of the school year, students are welcome to begin their studies at The Beekman School at any time – mid-semester, summer or at the start of a new school year. Our average class size is 8 students, with a maximum of 10 per class. Additional concentrated help in specific subject areas is available through one-on-one tutoring.

Exceptional Faculty

Our faculty is fueled by a keen interest in helping our students develop independent thinking, build their willingness to take intellectual risks and accept challenges, form superior work habits and become truly engaged in their own education. The communication and connections between our faculty, students, staff and parents are unparalleled in the private school market. Teachers are on a first-name basis with students to foster an environment of mentoring and support. They maintain close ties with parents, providing ongoing updates to parents by phone, email, regularly scheduled written reports and on-site conferences. 

Extraordinary Results

The Beekman School has nearly a century of experience in helping all students realize their academic potential and achieve their educational goals. We emphasize success in college placement, with approximately 95 percent of our graduates going on to college. Every senior works one‐on‐one with a college counselor who helps guide students and parents through the selection and application process. Our mission is to give students confidence to control their own destiny, to become life-long learners and to give back to their community and our world.

Flexible Scheduling

At Beekman, we promote individuality by designing flexible, personalized programs that reflect the diversity of our learners. This allows students to have enriching learning experiences that match their own learning pace, unique circumstances, and aspirations. We support and accommodate a full range of learners and schedules, including: a late start for commuters, flexible hours for students who have pre-professional commitments outside of school, a reduced schedule for students returning to school after an extended leave, and a more rigorous learning plan for those looking to earn extra credits.

Hear directly from our students and parents

  • "My daughter is enjoying school again, for the first time since elementary school. Her true enjoyment of learning is being rekindled by your wonderful teachers and the stimulating assignments she is receiving. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for providing the kind of school atmosphere that is inspiring my daughter to thrive."

  • "Besides all the educational concepts and facts I learned at Beekman that will be with me for the rest of my life, I am also taking away incredible experiences, great friends and mentors, and life lessons that have shaped me forever."

  • "I was really surprised at Beekman’s small size, which was unlike all the other schools I have been to before. The classes are truly small, the students are really friendly and sociable, and the teachers are adorable and love to teach. I loved how the small classes helped me get comfortable talking to people with my poor English."

  • "Four years at Beekman have changed my life completely, giving me the confidence needed to face any challenge, ready to start my new future at college."

  • "The skills, flexibility, and compassion of the staff at Beekman make it a very unusual school.  I am grateful we found it!"

  • "I couldn't be more grateful to George Higgins and the dedicated teachers of The Beekman School for giving both my sons such an excellent and enjoyable high school experience."

  • "[My daughter's] true enjoyment of learning is being rekindled by your wonderful teachers and the stimulating assignments she is receiving. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for providing the kind of school atmosphere that is inspiring my daughter to thrive."

  • "Beekman provides a specialized and flexible learning environment. My daughter loved the one-to-one option in a subject where she needed particular attention."

  • "The skills, flexibility, and compassion of the staff at Beekman makes it a very unusual school.  It has helped inspire my son to work for his future goals."

  • "My daughter attended Beekman for the last two years and is now a freshman at Reed College. There is no better testimony to the academic excellence of Beekman than the outcomes of its students. I am thrilled that Beekman has prepared her for such a rigorous environment."

  • "Not only does Beekman provide excellent education, but they also show how much they care. It felt like a warm and happy environment. As months went by, I got happier and happier."

  • “Beekman has opened up my eyes. I’ve had some of the best teachers in this school I’ve ever had in my life.“

  • "My Beekman experience has been transformative. It has empowered me with the fundamentals to pursue my college education, my career, and my life goals. I will be forever indebted to all of you… [The things] I learned at Beekman will be with me for the rest of my life."

  • "Beekman is truly a special place full of great and funny teachers and students who shape us to be better individuals."

Why The Beekman School is the Right Private School For You Watch Video


Private vs. Public School Education

Examining the difference between private and public school education is an essential step to choosing the right high school. College placement rates and class sizes should be considered. Faculty and counselor availability must be evaluated when picking the right high school for your student.

Fortunately, there is a high school designed to successfully transition students into a university environment and the world beyond. It’s The Beekman School, where educators offer exceptional approaches to completing a challenging curriculum at an individualized pace. Our small class sizes facilitate personal attention and communication. After classes end, students can continue to advance their knowledge through private tutoring or after-school activities. Compare private versus public schools to determine the best high school for a lifetime of achievement. You may find that The Beekman School is the right choice.


How to Choose the Right High School

Look closer at The Beekman School to learn why its unparalleled approach to a supportive but challenging private school education is the right fit for you. Each day, we seek to inspire our students. They’re motivated to participate in classroom settings, excel during tutoring sessions, and accomplish fulfilling goals. While the process of choosing the right high school is a very personal one, the individualized education offered by The Beekman School is an exciting alternative to large, cookie-cutter environments. We are a small, welcoming private high school with a comprehensive curriculum. Our programs blend core requirements with courses that are custom-made based on student input.

Why choose a private high school like Beekman? We offer:

  • Personalized education and counseling
  • Core and specially designed courses
  • An outstanding faculty and advanced resources
  • Accelerated or extended schedules

In our Manhattan private school, educators encourage independence while guiding and shaping rigorous academic pursuits. We work with students and parents to develop the college preparatory program they need with the personalized approach they want. Learn more about The Beekman School.


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