220 East 50th Street
New York, NY 10022

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A "Non-Traditional" Traditional High School

The Beekman School is a progressive private high school in New York City preparing students for a lifetime of learning and social responsibility. We develop individualized plans for student success that combine our progressive teaching philosophy with structured educational elements. Our integrated learning programs allow students to experience the relationships between various high school disciplines. Through a multidisciplinary approach to education, students have the opportunity to gain, apply, and share knowledge. Our classroom environments also encourage independent thinking and support the development of valuable social skills. As a less traditional private school, we are committed to fostering highly motivated, proactive learners.

Making Traditional Education Methods More Progressive

At our college preparatory school in New York, we believe that to achieve our mission of providing a personalized education, we need a less traditional approach. Our education programs offer an alternative to more traditional educational philosophies that focus primarily on the textbook, subject, and teacher in large classroom settings. In comparison, the more progressive teaching strategies we use at Beekman are more focused on the individual student. They transform classes into places of cooperative learning, characterized by interaction and collaboration. During projects, expeditionary tasks, and in-depth discussions, Beekman students have the opportunity to use their problem solving skills, critical reasoning, and creative abilities.

Learn More About Our Progressivism Philosophy of Education

When students learn through experience, they gain increased comprehension and concept retention – knowledge that can be translated into real world applications. That is why our progressive teaching strategies are rooted in experiential learning. We invite students and parents to visit our school, where they can learn more about our progressive teaching strategies that support effective educational experiences. The right private school for many learners is one that understands the educational benefits a progressive approach to teaching provides. Please contact us for additional information and to learn how a non-traditional private high school may be a good fit for your child.