220 East 50th Street
New York, NY 10022

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The Value of a Beekman Education

Attending The Beekman School is an investment in lifelong learning. To understand the value of a Beekman education, families will want to look at the unique benefits the school can provide.

Our private school’s value includes educational excellence that helps students progress today and into tomorrow. At Beekman, we want our graduates to view learning as a fulfilling experience they will continue throughout their lives. We help students excel not just in high school but also in college.

Gaining a quality education also serves as a strong foundation for careers and personal goals. Our school offers the educational benefits of smaller classes, a dedicated faculty, a broad curriculum, and flexible learning. Our low student-to-teacher ratio supports greater achievement. Each student’s needs and learning style are considered in their academic plan.

Located in Manhattan, The Beekman School is one of the best values in private school education, marked by excellence in both classroom and virtual learning. 

Deciding if Private School Is Worth the Investment

When deciding if private school tuition is worth the cost, a school’s qualities must be considered in light of the student’s needs. Can class schedules be tailored to academic goals? Will a student have the chance to take art, music or other creative classes? Does the environment foster a love of learning?

Beekman holds a distinctive place among New York high schools. It prepares students for attendance at top colleges and universities. It keeps pace with technology and educational advancements while providing programs that work for a range of learners. Beekman offers scheduling options, rolling admissions, advanced and remedial courses, and other opportunities. It is a well-respected school where the returns for private school tuition are a high quality education – built on an individualized approach to academic success. It is an experience that will prove valuable for years to come.