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Financial Aid & Scholarship

Alumni Referral Program

Even years after graduation, our alumni remind us about the life-changing impact Beekman had on them. The stories they share with us are a testament to the transformative education and key life skills that they acquired at Beekman.

As an alumnus/a, you’ve experienced first hand the advantages of personalized education and benefited from the infinite learning possibilities offered at Beekman. You can now empower your friends to discover their passion and unfold their full potential.

If your friend enrolls full-time or part-time on your recommendation, he/she will receive a discount equal to 5% of Beekman’s annual tuition. It’s a great way to extend Beekman’s legacy and help other motivated learners like you.



How it Works

Fill out and submit the referral form on the right.

We will contact the prospective family to request additional information and answer any questions about our school.

If he/she enrolls, the new student will receive tuition savings and will benefit from our personalized approach to education.

*Program Details


Applicant's Information

Alumnus Information

This form will be matched to an applicant's file after he/she applies. The applicant must write the name of the referrer in the designated field on the application form.