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Can Therapeutic Accommodations Be Found at a Mainstream School?

Authored By: 
George Higgins, Headmaster

By the time students reach high school, if there is a need for therapy, it has been identified and a list of requested accommodations has been outlined.  Often times, these students have already started working with private counselors or therapists outside of school and/or enrolled in special programs or support services after the school day.

A concern that parents and students frequently express when meeting with us is the overlapping of private therapy and required in-school therapy.  They feel that they are addressing the therapeutic needs outside of school and they are seeking a school that will work with their therapist in developing a schedule that supports the specific accommodations that have been identified.

Here are ways The Beekman School can provide your child with a mainstream education while you provide the therapy that your child is benefitting from:

  • Rolling admission throughout the school year and summer
  • Academic courses available 12 months per year
  • Part-time as well as full-time schedules
  • Flexible scheduling including a late start in the morning or early finish in the afternoon
  • One-to-one classes as well as small group classes
  • Mastery-based courses
  • The ability to begin a course at any point in the school year
  • Remedial, standard, advanced, and AP courses

Please call us (212-755-6666) so we can discuss how The Beekman School can create an academic schedule that allows your child to get back in school.