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Community COVID-19 Policies and Guidelines for the 2021-2022 school year

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The Beekman School
For Beekman's Reopening Plan and related guidelines, click here.

The Beekman School is committed to the health and safety of all community members, particularly those who are in our school building.

This school year, we are pleased to welcome all students back to our building for five-day, in-person instruction. Given the lessons learned and data collected from the past school year, we are confident that we will provide a safe learning environment that incorporated layers of protection to mitigate the transmission of coronavirus.

Based on the most recent information released by the CDC and as mandated by New York State, we will continue to require masking for all students, faculty and visitors, regardless of vaccination status. While we are currently not mandating COVID vaccines, we continue to strongly encourage students to be vaccinated as protection against the serious effects of the Delta variant, as well as protection for all of our community members.

The Beekman School remains focused on our mission – to provide a differentiated curriculum that unites flexibility and compassion in a safe yet challenging environment.



Are students returning to the school building in the fall?

Yes – with 100% masking, HEPA filtered air purifiers in every room, easy cross-ventilation in our building, and a constant eye on social distancing, we are confident we can provide a safe in-person learning environment that incorporates layers of protection to mitigate the transmission of coronavirus.


Will there be a remote learning option for classes?

We will continue to have Zoom in all of our classrooms. However, our teachers will not be actively engaging with those who are at home. In essence, any remote learning this fall will be a live-streamed lecture. This virtual learning option will allow students who need to stay home due to symptoms, illness, or other reasons, to keep up with content discussed in class.


My child cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. What are our options?

There are two options. We are permitting students who are unable to be vaccinated due to medical conditions to join their classes remotely, but they will not be able to actively participate in class discussions. Students may take all of their classes remotely with one-to-one instruction in our Tutoring School program. More details can be provided to those who wish to explore these options.


What COVID safety measures has Beekman put in place for this fall?

The Beekman School has installed HEPA air purifiers in all of our classrooms and common spaces, as well as installing MERV-13 air filters in our AC units. All students, faculty and staff will be required to wear face masks over their nose and mouth, and to wash their hands upon entering the building. Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer are readily available for use throughout the building.


For Prospective Students

We are accepting new students for this school year in both The Beekman School and The Tutoring School, and continue to provide one-to-one instruction and tutoring support to new students. 

While we are presently unable to host physical tours of our campus, we invite prospective students and their parents to view our Virtual Tour video to become acquainted with Beekman.


If you and your high schooler are interested in any of our programs, please fill out our contact form or email us at info@beekmanschool.org.


We are welcoming students to class this fall via both in-person and online learning models in NYC.
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