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Finding the Best Private School - For You

Authored By: 
George Higgins, Headmaster

Perhaps you’re one of those people who have already applied to several schools for next fall and are now waiting to see which schools offer you a seat.  Hopefully, you will receive several letters and have many options.  With choices comes the hard part; what are the best private schools from the selection you’ve been given?

Manhattan private schools are extremely varied and those “top ranked” schools aren’t always right for every student.  Before sending your tuition deposit to a school, take a closer look at the choices you have.  The best NYC private schools have many extras and deciding which of those are most valuable to you will have a strong influence on your final decision.  While some schools focus on their sports teams, others focus on the creative arts.  Find our what types of extracurricular activities are available, since rounding out your school day with less-academic pursuits should also be important to high school students.

If you’re someone who is just beginning your search for a good school placement in the fall, now is the time to make appointments to visit the schools that you have identified from your Internet search, or from suggestions made to you by friends and other families or by professionals in the education field.  Schools construct their own website so nothing is more valuable than time spent visiting the places that appeal to you the most.

New applications submitted in mid-winter may be at the bottom of a big pile at schools that are popular, so if you are applying late, make sure to include applications to schools you’d be happy to attend and not just those that you would love to attend.  Everyone likes choices, and you don’t want to be facing the end of the school year unsure of where you’ll be next year.  Finish your homework so you can relax this spring!