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Just Say "Hi"

Authored By: 
Anastasia Georgoulis, History Teacher

The one piece of advice I have for college-bound seniors is simple: just say "hi."

The actual effort used in saying hi is minimal, but the confidence conveyed in the utterance is immense. Confidence is attractive and saying hi is friendly, so the two together help you gain the positive attention that you seek from those around you.

Say hi to your professors.

It doesn’t matter if your class is a lecture of 300 or a seminar of 10 people, your grade will most likely be based on an exam and a paper or two. This means you should understand the expectations of the person giving you those assignments – your professor. Your professor’s office hours will be listed on the class syllabus. Go to them the first week of class to establish a rapport. Just say hi.

Say hi to your dorm mates. 

You will come home happy one night and want to share. You will come home angry one night and want to vent. You will come home sad one night and want a hug. So go around to each room, knock, and say hi to ensure people will be there for you those nights when you come home.

Say hi to the other students in your classes.

You know what feels good? Walking into a room full of people and seeing a friendly face. The first day of class you might be nervous and the room might be full of strangers. If you choose to say hi and introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you, then you don’t have to feel that way for the rest of the semester.

And don’t forget, when you say hi, just smile.

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