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Online Homeschooling Tutors

Authored By: 
Glenn Doering, Tutoring School Director

Online Homeschooling Tutors | Get Homeschool Tutoring Help

Are you homeschooling your high schooler? That is often the right option for some teenagers, but it also presents some challenges for their parents. Let The Beekman School help you navigate those challenges.

Parents who are homeschooling often feel that they must teach everything their children are learning. In truth – they do not. They just need to facilitate opportunities for their students to learn. This is where our online homeschooling tutor support can be very helpful. We can supply a private teacher for homeschooling those subjects that parents are not comfortable teaching or are not equipped to handle. For instance, does your son or daughter want to learn a foreign language? We have tutors that can teach Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Korean and more.

Experienced Online Tutors to Meet Today’s Homeschooling Challenges

Perhaps some math or science courses fall outside a parent’s area of expertise. Calculus or chemistry, for instance. We can provide an online homeschooling tutor for just a specific course, or for just the lab experiment portion of a science class. Think of us as another member of your child’s homeschool faculty.

Beside homeschool tutors, Beekman also offers other online individualized academic support. Studying is a skill to be learned, not a talent one is born with. From taking notes in class to knowing how to craft an essay on a test, we have tutors who can give useful and practical ways succeed in high school. Do you need assistance in creating a schedule of courses for a four-year plan that includes all the basics but also leaves time for special interests and electives? Beekman can offer guidance and suggestions.

Because we are a college preparatory high school, we have a college counselor on staff who can assist you and your child in choosing an appropriate college, and help you work through the applications and admissions process.

Get Individualized Academic Support with Online Homeschool Tutoring

So whether you have always homeschooled your student, or are new to homeschooling as a result of COVID-19, The Beekman School can offer individualized academic support with a homeschool tutor to supplement your teaching efforts. Give us a call today.