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Online Tutoring Through the COVID-19 Quarantine

Authored By: 
The Beekman School

Despite current COVID-19 educational challenges, students still need to complete their current high school courses and continue preparing for their academic futures. This is why online tutoring is a valuable resource for high school students who are attending virtual classes and studying at home. 

The abrupt shift into virtual learning and the limited resources of some schools have left many students in need of educational support. Parents are also being asked to find time to guide their students in the virtual learning format. Online tutoring services can step in, helping students manage the transition to the online classroom. Tutors can work to reinforce what students have previously learned while also building and extending their knowledge.

Experienced Virtual Tutors for Educational Challenges 

The Tutoring School is prepared to provide students and parents the level of support they need in challenging times. Our tutors are experienced in providing meaningful virtual learning. They can offer supplemental  instruction and are able to support students to keep them engaged. Personalized online tutoring during COVID-19 can include:

  • Help with the shift from classrooms to on-screen learning
  • One-to-one assistance with coursework or homework
  • Skills practice and test preparations 
  • Opportunities to interact with a tutor and in some cases, peers

Student-Focused, Online Instruction with Flexible Scheduling

For years before the pandemic, The Tutoring School has had successful programs in place to support students from Beekman and other high schools. Now that more classes are moving online due to COVID-19, our tutoring services have been ramped up so we can deliver student-centered tutoring to a range of learners. These sessions are led by virtual tutors who understand the roles of technology, student participation and effective communication. If students have had educational interruptions, online tutoring can help them complete their requirements. It can be scheduled flexibly, as part of  the overall learning experience. 

Contact us today for information about our customized Tutoring School programs. Enrollment in The Beekman School is not required to benefit from our online high school classes or virtual tutoring.