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Personalized Virtual Learning Through the COVID-19 Quarantine

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The Beekman School

As traditional high schools shift to virtual learning, the transition can leave students scrambling to manage. Large class sizes, limited support, generalized assignments, and heavy workloads can result in students struggling with school. 

The Beekman School has responded to the challenge of COVID-19 by transitioning our students entirely into remote online learning. Our commitment to personalized, quality education and small classes continues with this transition. Students who are enrolled at Beekman can maintain their tailored courses of study and work toward their academic goals. 

Our school has always offered students flexible, customized plans for learning. This flexible approach has allowed us to make optimal use of our remote learning resources. Class participants benefit from our student-focused classes and our ongoing commitment to provide personalized learning during COVID-19 social distancing. If your child is struggling to succeed in their “new normal” virtual classroom, learn more about how they can experience more personalized distance learning by transferring to Beekman at any time.

Smaller Remote Learning Classes for High School Success

The smaller class sizes at Beekman suit the distance learning format. With our classes, students can participate actively in the learning experience. They may also have the opportunity for social interaction with other students. 

At Beekman, we are taking advantage of the specific strengths of virtual classrooms. Teachers in our classes are comfortable providing online instruction and facilitating discussions. Students have access to the learning materials and class information they need to complete assignments and prepare for assessments. With the challenges of COVID-19, we can also make accommodations for students who need to work at their own pace. Our faculty is ready to provide prompt feedback and ongoing support.

Our goal is for students to maintain a continuity of learning, so they are prepared to move back into the traditional classroom when that time arrives – motivated and on-target for accomplishing their tasks. 

Enrolling in Virtual High School Classes

Struggling with your high school or its virtual classes? Our private high school offers rolling admission throughout the year, along with summer programs. This means a student can enroll in the fall or at any time. Contact us for solutions to academic challenges during COVID 19.