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Questions to Ask When Searching for the Right College Prep School

Authored By: 
George Higgins, Headmaster

Like most specialized fields, education has its buzzwords. You’ve probably heard a few of them: grit, data-driven, student-centered, inquiry-based, flipped classroom, etc. Despite taking different approaches to education, all of these new perspectives on what teaching and learning could look like seem to be adding up to one big conclusion: college.

As a result of the cultural emphasis Americans place on college, a plethora of “college prep” programs and “college prep” high schools have seemingly sprung up to meet the needs of students.  If all of these programs and schools are emphasizing college preparedness, how are you supposed to choose the right path?

Students, parents, and teachers know that every learner has individual needs, and finding a college prep program that both supports those needs and pushes students to confront areas that need improvement is pivotal when preparing for college.   There are also some high schools and nonprofit-run programs that support students with specific college-prep needs.

At Beekman, we believe that college preparation starts from 9th grade. When looking for the right high school for you, it is important to narrow down your school options by identifying those college preparatory programs best suited to your individual needs.

Our FREE 23-question guide has valuable recommendations on the most important questions you need to ask when looking for a private high school.  Download it here.