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Rolling Admissions at The Beekman School

Authored By: 
George Higgins, Headmaster

Rolling admissions means that you can enroll is a school at any point throughout the academic year.  While some schools may want you to wait until the beginning of a new marking period, others will allow you to join classes when you’re ready.

In our experience, if a student is unhappy in a current school then the situation usually deteriorates as the year progresses.  The longer a student remains in an inappropriate placement, the larger the portion of a student’s final grade will be consumed by those poor grades.

In an effort to salvage a school year that is getting bumpy, parents and students should actively search for a school that is more in line with their needs and able to offer an immediate placement.  Some schools are more experienced with this than others.

For over 90 years, The Beekman School has been providing the New York City metropolitan area with full-time and part-time schedules for a range of students with specific needs not being accommodated in their current school.  We also provide class sizes of 10 students or less, as well as one-to-one instruction, in courses ranging from Advanced Placement to remedial.

When you are ready to consider a new school, consider The Beekman School.  More information about our one-of-a-kind program can be found on our website: www.beekmanschool.org

Please contact us (212-755-6666) so we can address your specific questions.