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Transferring Schools: What Should You Ask?

Authored By: 
Maren Holmen, Director of The Tutoring School

So, you know that you need to change schools – you’re transitioning from middle school to high school, you’re moving from one town to another, or you know that the current school isn’t a good fit.  Which questions should you ask regarding how to transfer schools?

First, it depends on when you’re transferring.  If you’re changing schools at the beginning of a school year, you’ll need to notify the previous school where they should send all school records; if you are transitioning mid-year, the most important document will be a current transcript.  Having a transcript in-hand will help the new school determine where to best place your student.

How to transfer high schools also depends on why you’re transferring high schools.   If you need to change schools mid-year, you will likely need to locate transfer-friendly schools.  These schools will have rolling admissions and hopefully have some flexibility so that you can continue to take the same courses you’d been taking at your previous school.  Will the school allow you to continue your honors classes?  Are they going to make you repeat the school year?  Are there any courses you’ve taken previously that won’t transfer or count towards graduation at your new school?

In researching how to transfer high schools, the most important thing to do is have a clear idea of your educational goals—are you committed to graduating in four years?  Do you want to have as many full years as possible at your new school (and are willing to repeat courses)?

Once you know what you would like, the choice of schools should become easier to determine.  Search online for those phrases that include your answers to the questions above to help you narrow down your options and then contact the schools directly.  It takes some leg work, but this should help you find the best new school for your circumstances.