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Where a Mid-Year Shift is a Fresh Start

Authored By: 
James Vescovi, English teacher

Ask any New Yorker with children what’s the hardest part of living in the city. Having enough living space is high on the list; perhaps even higher is choosing the right high school.

New Yorkers cherish the city for its variety and diversity. There are more school choices than flavors in a Häagen-Dazs ice cream shop. Yet, despite the amount of research parents do and how many school visits they make, no one is guaranteed to make the right choice.

The question arises: Should I let my child ride out school in a less-than-ideal setting, or is there a way to still make her year productive and enjoyable?

Beekman differs from its peer schools in that, since its founding in 1925, it has operated on a rolling admissions calendar.  Students from around the city and, indeed, from around the world, enroll at Beekman throughout the year. Some are transferring from unsuitable schools, while others come because their families have moved to the New York area in the middle of an academic year.

Whatever the reason, The Beekman School makes it easy for a student to transition. First, our maximum class size doesn’t exceed ten.  A student who enrolls in January will not get lost in the shuffle. In addition, Beekman is partnered in its Midtown location with The Tutoring School, whose professionals assist a student who needs to catch up academically.  Finally, from a social perspective, Beekman is an ideal place in which a student can make a smooth landing. Located in an 1878 townhouse on East 50th Street, Beekman is much smaller than its peer institutions, with a total enrollment of under 100 for grades 9 through 12.  New students are easily enfolded into the community. 

So, if you believe you’ve made a less-than-perfect high school choice, visit www.beekmanschool.org. The Beekman School—where students are welcomed year-round.