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Why Students Change Schools

Authored By: 
George Higgins, Headmaster

Many of the reasons a person wants to change schools during the academic calendar year are the same as wanting to utilize services in The Tutoring School:

  • Family is transferred to NYC
  • Want to live in NYC to pursue interests outside of school
  • Want to acclimate to the city to be better prepared for a college in the city
  • Current school isn’t a good match (too easy, too rigid, too big, etc.)
  • Unhappy at boarding school and want to come home
  • Public school isn’t working out well
  • Have been home due to extended illness and cannot return to previous school
  • Personal challenges necessitate a fresh start
  • Are being bullied or cyber bullied and want a safer environment
  • Current school can’t accommodate scheduling needs
  • Not enough support for specific learning needs
  • Current learning environment not optimal for student’s needs
  • Feel like the current school is “factoring” you out
  • Violated a school rule and asked to leave
  • Not happy with the student body
  • Not happy with the faculty
  • Not happy with the administration

If you are considering a change in schools, there is no wrong time to make the switch.  The sooner a student is attending a school that matches that student’s needs, the happier everyone will be.  And the typical improvement in grades is just a bonus!

Many schools offer summer programs and have year-round admissions.   Start your internet search, visit websites, and make appointments to observe the schools that best support the reasons why changing schools is your best option.