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Your English Teacher’s Role in College Preparation

Authored By: 
George Higgins, Headmaster

A weighty concern on many teenagers' minds right now is, "How strong is my high school preparation for college?"  Certainly, part of the responsibility for college readiness lies with the student: to best prepare for college while in high school, should you take college-level classes in high school or utilize some other tool?

I believe that your English teacher is the key component in this preparation.   English is the one discipline that crosses all subjects and is crucial for success in college—whether it’s the ability to comprehend and analyze text or to communicate your thoughts with clear, concise, effective writing.

Does your high school English curriculum contain the building blocks that will benefit you the most, improving your skills and allowing you to advance your knowledge in other general education courses?  Do the English activities in your high school benefit you by strengthening your foundation for higher learning?

These are the questions that you, as a proactive and engaged high school student, should be asking as you review your course of study.  The graduates with the greater potential for success in college will be the graduates who spend their high school years developing the elements that are present across all academic fields of study. Who is better positioned to help you with that than your high school English teacher?  It is that singular curriculum that creates the all-important backbone you need as you prepare for college.  Make sure it’s a good one when looking for the best private schools.