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Health Education

Learn Health Science at The Beekman School

This required one-semester course in health is a serious, in-depth approach which focuses on teaching students the responsibility of caring for their emotional, physical, and social welfare as young adults, and perhaps, eventually, as parents. This class is designed to provide information, ask questions, solve problems, and support students in a sensitive, confidential environment. Although there are some objectively right or wrong answers in this subject, much of the most important learning involves questions that do not have clear-cut answers. Therefore, besides quizzes and tests for each chapter, there will also be short essays and reading responses throughout the semester.

Health is a required class in the state of New York. At the Beekman School, this course is taken very seriously. It is our belief that in order to understand how to stay healthy and fit, one must have a familiarity with basic biology and physiology. Once these concepts are understood, Health students can take an active role participating in their own health care.

A range of topics which may be covered throughout a semester are: Making healthy choices, personality and self esteem, managing stress, mental disorders and suicide, psychological development, adulthood, aging, and death, food and nutrition, personal care, alcohol, tobacco, preventing drug abuse, infectious diseases, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, and noninfectious diseases and disabilities.