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Executive Function Disorder and Education

In the classroom, high school students challenged by executive function disorder (EFD) may have difficulty following instructions or managing tasks. This is because the disorder makes it hard for learners to analyze and schedule. High school students may struggle to incorporate feedback received in the classroom, problem solve, or complete assignments. Executive function issues originate in the front of the brain, resulting in the delayed development of certain skills. Though EFD is related to learning and attention, it differs from ADHD. Students with EFD can also have trouble planning, remembering, controlling emotions, and interacting socially.

Providing Executive Functioning Support

Parents and educators can work together to provide executive functioning support for students. At Beekman, we offer strategies to ensure students with learning difficulties are motivated to achieve. Our teachers encourage students to pursue their interests and be self-starters. Educators who are familiar with EFD and its challenges can help students stay on task as well as move toward longer term academic goals. The professionals in The Tutoring School are also available to work with students on improving executive function skills through extra practice, scheduling assistance, and one-on-one supplemental instruction.

Executive Function Help in High School

We understand that students may need help with executive functioning — the mental skill set that enables them to remember assigned tasks and plan for future ones. Students struggling with EFD may require additional time to complete tests or need guidance when starting a group project. The Beekman School is here to offer the appropriate level of support for each student’s progress. We will foster the interests of students with EFD challenges, while providing the classroom accommodations and executive function resources that prove helpful for their academic success.