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Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD) is a less well-known condition that makes it hard for students to process nonverbal cues. It can be the reason students struggle with organizational and spatial skills. NLD often leads to attention issues and in some cases, it is confused with ADHD. Though high school students with the disorder often exhibit advanced verbal skills, they may struggle in social settings or class discussions. This is because they don’t pick up on body language or facial expressions. Educators should be aware that high school students with NLD can be challenged when asked to practice higher order thinking such as during assignments that require critical thinking.

Schools for Nonverbal Learning Disorder

A school for Nonverbal Learning Disorder will be prepared to help students with the challenges they face in relation to spatial information, visual imagery, math patterns, and verbal instruction. At Beekman, we recognize that students with this condition may have difficulty when new concepts are presented orally. They may need access to written copies of verbal instructions. We’re here to assist students with mild NLD issues, whether that involves supporting their reading comprehension or preparing them to undertake a large project. Teachers and tutors familiar with nonverbal learning disorder can work with students who have trouble determining main ideas or learning abstract concepts. During tutoring sessions, students can be shown how to separate assignments into manageable tasks or use effective study techniques.

High School Students with NLD

At Beekman, we know that learning disorders affect not only academic success but also student motivation and self-esteem. We want to support high school students with Nonverbal Learning Disorder as they work toward their educational goals. This learning disorder may not be identified until a student reaches middle school or high school, so it’s important that NLD help be available to those facing its unique challenges.