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What Is Personalized Learning?

Parents and students may ask what is personalized learning and does it add value to the high school experience? At The Beekman School, we see first-hand the benefits that a personalized education provides. Our boutique Manhattan private school occupies a unique and important space on the educational landscape because we offer a traditional college preparatory program that is tailored and balanced to each student’s needs. We can create an academic plan that works for virtually any student. The Beekman School directly supports pre-professional students requiring flexible schedules, young adults looking for challenging academics, and students seeking a fresh start with the satisfaction of success. We are committed to helping students realize their academic potential and educational goals by creating personalized education plans that fit specific needs. Our innovative approach allows students to experience a full array of advantages, including small class sizes, personal tutoring sessions, and college level courses.

Individualized Learning Plans for High School Students in Manhattan

The educational advisors at The Beekman School understand the importance of individualized learning plans for high school students. Each semester, these faculty members meet with students to plan the next phase of their education and explore specialized requirements such as enrollment in honors, advanced, ESL, or remedial courses. If additional assistance is needed beyond the classroom, we will work with parents to set up a tutoring schedule, which usually involves the student attending sessions once or twice a week. By developing strategic plans for individualized learning, we can ensure that students have the skills and resources they need to reach their academic potential.