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Prepare for the Math SAT at The Beekman School

This course consolidates the student's understanding of the math topics covered on the SAT and ACT exams. In addition to covering all relevant mathematical subjects, the course also develops test-taking strategies particularly useful for scoring well. Information strips available on all Math SATs and ACTs are gone over in advance so no time will be lost in making use of them on the actual exams. Similarly, the process of entering the “student response” answers on the exams so the answer can be correctly scored are reviewed so no time will be wasted during the actual exam. Math SATs and ACTs from previous years are given, scored, and analyzed so that mistakes are corrected and not carried forward. Material vital to scoring well is drilled and tested. Exercises and problems utilizing techniques and reasoning identical to the thought processes needed to quickly solve SAT/ACT math questions are studied and practiced with intensity.