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Spanish II

The Beekman School's Second Year Spanish Class for Sophomores

Prerequisite: Spanish I

The objective of Spanish II is to obtain proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the target language. In addition, students will acquire a firm linguistic base, which is the foundation of effective communication and meaningful language proficiency. Furthermore, students will learn to situate the language within the context of the contemporary Spanish–speaking world and its cultures. The emphasis in this course sequence is to actively apply the fundamentals that were introduced in the preliminary Spanish course (Spanish I). Students will develop their communication skills by learning to express complex thoughts and ideas. Among the verb forms studied are the present, the imperfect, the preterite tense, reflexive verbs, the imperative, and the future. To facilitate thinking in the target language in an abstract manner, a variety of literary texts are read and discussed. In addition, specific attention will be paid to correct pronunciation and diction.