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United States Government

The Beekman School's Government Curriculum 

This is a one-semester course for seniors.  The course will discuss basic political theory, review the United States Constitution, and examine current political systems in our country and throughout the world.  In addition to studying the three branches of government, specific topics of study may include U.S. citizenship policy, civil liberties, public interest and opinion, and mass media.  The course also focuses heavily on political ethics and policy. 

Students learn to recognize and think critically about national and international problems, and to articulate their opinions of these issues.  Upon completion of this course, it is hoped that the student will be able to successfully fight for his or her beliefs, cast an informed vote in elections, and participate in the United States government as an educated citizen. Students in this course are expected to have had experience in essay writing, analysis, and a strong familiarity with U.S. history.