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What does a typical Beekman student look like?

Authored By: 
Maren Holmen, Director, The Tutoring School

What does a typical Beekman student look like?

I am asked this question all of the time in interviews and conversations with people curious about our school.  This is what I tell them.  

There is no “typical” Beekman student.  We have a wide variety of students, including:

  • Those who are drawn to our small class sizes (which are half the size of most other private schools), generally because they have struggled in larger classrooms due to learning differences.
  • Those who are drawn to our inclusive community because they’ve been bullied at a previous school.
  • Those who hail from different countries (about 25% of our population is international) who would like to create a path to graduation that avoids repeating a year of academics or need to improve their English language skills (if English is not their first language).
  • Those who want to challenge themselves appropriately, either by taking advanced courses in subjects where they excel or having the option to take courses through the Tutoring School for subjects where they have traditionally struggled.
  • Those who are serious athletes, dancers, musicians, or actors who need a flexible schedule that accommodates their professional goals in addition to their academic goals.
  • Those who want to graduate in three years instead of four, those who want to catch up and graduate on time, and those who wish to take a post-graduate year in order to better prepare for college.
  • Those who need a reduced schedule due to health reasons.
  • Those who benefit from a later start to the school day (our typical day begins at 8:45, but we can also accommodate students who need to start or finish at any point during the school day).
  • Those who live in the neighborhood and want to walk to school.
  • Those who need to change schools in the middle of a semester, whether because their families have just moved to the area or because they are unhappy enough at their current school that it is affecting their attendance and/or their grades.

Beekman students are those who are looking for a school environment that appropriately challenges and supports them academically, socially, personally, and professionally in a capacity that is not found at any other college-prep school.  Contact us today to see how Beekman can be a good fit for your child!