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The Beekman School Merit Award

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a financial aid or scholarship program available at The Beekman School?

Yes. We offer The Beekman School Merit Award as a unique alternative to a private school financial aid program. The generous, merit-based scholarship provides a segment of our student population with tuition remission. This means we reduce the annual tuition for award recipients by 50 percent. Though we do not currently offer financial aid for high school students, our private school scholarship is an opportunity for a significant tuition reduction. Prospective students are encouraged to click here for our high school merit award details.

How can I apply for financial aid or scholarships at your private high school?

To apply for our merit-based scholarship for New York students, as well as students in the surrounding metro area, a regular school application must be completed. Applicants must also submit additional documentation to be considered for a Merit Award at The Beekman School. Once again, we do not offer a conventional financial aid plan for high school tuition. Honor roll students who might not be able to attend our school due to financial concerns should consider applying for our merit-based scholarship.

Where is the application for high school students to apply for financial aid or a scholarship?

There are various types of financial aid and scholarships for high school students in New York who wish to attend a private institution. We have chosen to establish a merit-based scholarship program to assist multiple new students by reducing their tuition responsibility. You can view application information for The Beekman School’s Merit Award here.

Apply for the Beekman Merit Award

Which students are eligible for high school merit awards, scholarships and/or financial aid?

New students who are entering 9th or 10th grade can submit the required documents for merit award eligibility. They must also complete our school application and participate in our interview process. Financial aid forms and high school scholarship applications require students to provide specific information. This is also the case when students apply for our school merit award that offers tuition remission. Please review the detailed description of this tuition scholarship here

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