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What Is Personalized Learning?

Personalized LearningAt The Tutoring School, we provide personalized learning programs that are tailored to the individual. Recognizing that learning styles and paces differ, our teams create personalized education plans featuring one to one student and teacher interaction.

The school has optimal flexibility, including:

  • Flexible scheduling – a late school start or early release
  • Home schooling – a curriculum of accredited courses
  • Private tutoring – personalized instruction on-site or in the home
  • Advanced and remedial options – catch-up, gifted, and accelerated courses
  • International student services – specialized language/learning support available
  • Delayed or early graduations – reduced or accelerated course loads
  • Post-graduation classes – skills improvement before starting college

The Tutoring School delivers strategies for success, whether that involves providing supplemental tutoring or for-credit instruction. We have convenient options for commuters and home-schooled students. After graduation, our students can continue to improve skills with tutoring that supports college admissions planning.

Individualized Learning Plans for High School Students

Educational goals are more clearly defined with individualized learning plans for high school students. These plans may incorporate the following:

  • One to one classes – private instruction for course credit
  • Computer-based solutions – online high school classes and tutoring
  • Summer and after-school courses – flexible class scheduling
  • Test prep – preparations for the SAT, AP, or GED, and a full range of other tests
  • Testing accommodations – options to remove testing obstacles

We offer both private and semi-private sessions through The Tutoring School. A student’s individualized education plan is often integrated with The Beekman School or another home school. Since space is limited, contact us today to learn more about current opportunities.