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Therapeutic High School Without the Therapy

As they work through life challenges, students need the support of their school. At The Beekman School, we take steps to ensure students have the support they require to learn and succeed. We offer flexible educational opportunities which allow those who are attending therapy or counseling programs to continue their academics. We offer a type of therapeutic high school environment and a welcoming community for a variety of learners. Students who are seeing a therapist or participating in group counseling sessions outside of school may need a tailored schedule to accommodate these commitments.

Though we are not a therapeutic school in the standard sense, we can work closely with students and parents to provide non-traditional learning options and scheduling flexibility. The small class sizes at The Beekman School and one-to-one programs at The Tutoring School keep students on-target with their educational goals. Smaller group learning and personal interactions can be especially beneficial if the student is managing trauma or facing behavioral, emotional, and learning challenges. We are prepared to guide students in moving forward with their education – at the pace that is right for them.

Support for Students Who Are in Therapy During School

Students may receive therapy during high school for a range of personal reasons. We understand and respect the vital benefits that these programs provide. Our role is to offer educational guidance to the student as they participate in therapy outside of our school. The staff at The Beekman School wants to help them attain their highest academic potential during this time.

We can also help students who have been out of school transition back into a learning environment. If someone has fallen behind in their studies, we will look at how best to get them back on schedule while building their confidence. Parents can contact us if they wish to discuss how we work with students who are in a therapy program during high school. Each student’s privacy will always be protected.