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The Effects of Small Class Size on Student Academic Performance

The Beekman School is your best choice for a unique private school experience. The benefits of small classes and flexible school hours are invaluable for the student looking to excel in high school, before attending a college, design school, or other institution of higher learning. With an average ratio of seven students to each instructor, our young adults thrive from the focused attention they receive that facilitates discussion and innovation. The advantages of a small class size also include opportunities for informal learning. Our private prep school in New York City offers flexible scheduling and college level classes in a high school setting, while The Tutoring School delivers supplemental private instruction. We invite young men and women of all backgrounds to apply for admission to our energetic center for learning.

  • Mission

    The Beekman School’s mission is to provide differentiated instruction that unites flexibility and compassion in a safe yet challenging environment.  Our supportive educators maintain a mutually respectful, multicultural setting that is committed to the dignity and worth of all students as they are guided into becoming responsible citizens, independent thinkers, and compassionate contributors to society.  Our community of scholars celebrates the individual and cultivates a lifelong love of learning.

  • History

    The Beekman School of today continues a rich tradition of academic excellence that began in 1925. From its beginnings as The Tutoring School of New York, Beekman has remained true to the vision of its founder, George Matthew. His objective was simple and direct – to create a school where the full potential of every student can be realized within the framework of a traditional high school education.

    An essential component of Mr. Matthew’s vision was the need for an informal environment where a quality education can be delivered in a highly focused manner. Our unique townhouse setting provides this key component. It ensures small class sizes, allows for greater student-teacher interaction, and supports a collegial atmosphere that produces extraordinary results.

    Today, Beekman offers a fully comprehensive college-prep curriculum. We combine classroom-style education with one-on-one instruction that is offered through The Tutoring School component of our school.

    The vision of our founder lives on. While George Matthew may marvel at The Beekman School of the 21st century, he would surely recognize its spirit as his own.

  • Video

Flexible Scheduling Through the Beekman School

When students apply to our college prep school in New York City, they will learn more about our distinctive history and unique approach to education. The Beekman School stands out among New York’s college prep schools thanks to a respected educational record and advantages such as a small classroom environment and personalized course development. Our rolling admissions offer students in grades 9 through 12 the opportunity to join our learning community throughout the year, and our innovative high school scheduling process allows us to work out flexible school hours to accommodate our students’ unique situations. Students find that our high school admissions process is as unique as our school, with comprehensive interviews replacing conventional testing. As we seek student and parent input concerning high school preparation for college, course placement is often determined by individual learning needs and preferences. We provide an exceptional education, including rigorous classes and responsive educators who tailor programs to students committed to preparing for college. Read our frequently asked questions page to learn more.