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Beekman is One of NYC's Best Private Schools

Authored by The Beekman School

The Beekman School is proud to be on the list of New York City's best private schools, as ranked by Niche.com!  You can see the full list at this link: http://patch.com/new-york/parkslope/47-best-private-high-schools-new-york-city-ranked read more

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New York High School Partners With SundanceTV’s “Dream School” For A Series That Mentors Local Teenagers To Graduate

Authored by The Beekman School

The Beekman School collaborated with “Dream School: NYC” to customize the learning experience for each student New York – September 9, 2014 — The Beekman School is excited to announce today its collaboration with SundanceTV for the second season of the series “Dream School: NYC” which airs on October 1, 2014 at 10pm ET/PT.  The show follows 15 New York City teenagers who left high school and are now trying to get back on track to graduate. Celebrity mentors and Beekman’s teaching methodology were used to successfully guide the teenagers through the learning process. “Sharing what I’ve learned in my 35 years at Beekman and watching that model applied to a whole new population only reinforced my belief that there’s a way to reach every student,” said George Higgins, Headmaster at The Beekman School. The six-part non-fiction series showcases how success in education is a realistic goal for everyone, when given the right setting and personalized guidance. Breaking the traditional...read more

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George Higgins is DNA.info's Principal of the Week

Authored by The Beekman School

Headmaster George Higgins, a 34-year veteran of The Beekman School, sits down with the people at DNA.info to talk about life as the head of a NYC private school. https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20140505/midtown-east/tiny-private-high-school-gives-students-individualized-education read more

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About.com Interview with George Higgins

Authored by The Beekman School

Can being counseled out actually be a good thing? Though it might sound counter-intuitive, George Higgins backs up this statement with 34 years of experience at The Beekman School. In an interview for About.com, he reminds us that "school is everything to kids. If they are unhappy, it clouds all their hours, even outside of school." Leaving a school environment that isn't working can really be the opportunity students need to find their stride. "It’s not always academic reasons that cause kids to leave schools—there can be many factors."----------------------- I spoke with George Higgins, the headmaster of The Beekman School in New York City about what to do if your child is “counseled out,” or asked to leave, a private school. The Beekman School, founded in 1925 and located in a townhouse on East 50th Street in Manhattan, offers a customized college-preparatory education to students who need a flexible schedule, a more demanding school, or a new beginning because of academic, health...read more

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