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5 Magazines to Use in History Class

Authored By: 
Ian Rusten, History Teacher

As a social studies teacher, I feel a critical need to instill in my students a desire to learn about and read about the world around us—whether current events, long term economic trends, or archeological digs. In my Government and elective classes, students often have to find and bring to class current news stories that catch their eye so we can discuss them.  Most students turn to The New York Times to find articles.  But there are other publications worth investigating to learn about the past and present.  I have selected five publications that I think are first-rate:

·      Archaeology MagazineThis is a great magazine that provides interesting articles on archeological subjects ranging from the history of the Incas in Peru to information on a Roman fort uncovered in Morocco. 

·      Harpers MonthlyThis publication features short fiction stories by top writers, as well as in-depth articles on relevant subjects like the Iraq conflict.

·      The Atlantic - This moderate literary and cultural magazine provides editorials on topics ranging from foreign affairs and politics to the economy and happenings.

·      Smithsonian - This magazine, published by the Smithsonian Institute, includes articles on everything from science and the natural world to in depth articles on American history and archaeology.  It usually features great historical art and photography as well.

·      The EconomistThis publication provides a unique look at the global economy. It spans the globe covering interesting topics from around the world that might not get coverage in other news publications.

Each publication has an online version that is easily accessible and there are lots of options for everyone’s interests I highly encourage students to familiarize themselves with these magazines. I’m sure they will find them a useful resource in the future.

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