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Accredited High Schools - What You Need to Know

Authored By: 
George Higgins, Headmaster

You will find several options available as you look for the school that best fits your needs.  Be careful, however, because the diploma you think you are getting may not be useful for your goals.

The first thing you want to establish is if the school you are investigating is an accredited high school or an accredited online high school and, if it is, which organization accredits it.

What is an accredited high school?

There are a number of organizations that accredit schools.  This means that the school has been evaluated by an outside organization and the evaluation is based on the quality of education and services that that school provides.  If the school meets that particular organization’s standards, then accreditation is granted to that school.

You can imagine that there is a lot of room for variation in educational quality depending on a school’s accreditation.  This is why it is so important for you to acquire this information before you enroll, and it’s generally easy to find this information.

The best accredited online schools and high schools will identify where their accreditation comes from on their website or their printed materials.  If you can’t find it, that’s not a good sign.  When you do find it, research the reputation of this accrediting organization and how respected they are in the field of education.  Colleges and post-graduate programs may not acknowledge a high school diploma from an online school or a high school that does not maintain the educational standards they deem appropriate, and additional requirements may be mandated if you want to be accepted to a particular college or program.

Make sure all the effort and hard work you’re putting into your high school diploma program is going to help you move forward in your education.  Take time at the beginning to investigate the quality of education in which you are investing so that there won’t be any surprises when you are ready to graduate.

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