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Mythology Among the Stars

Authored By: 
Michelle Koza, English Teacher

Students created a class-wide project for Mythology in which we explored the connections between myth and the names of the celestial bodies in the solar system. “I learned that the planets and moons have a connection,” one student said. Planets have moons named after characters that appear in their stories. The former planet Pluto, named after the god of the underworld (the Greek Hades), has a moon named Charon, who steered the boat of souls across the Styx into Pluto’s realm. For some, it was a chance to learn more about an already beloved topic. “I had the exciting experience to look into the background of my favorite mythological story, Pygmalion and Galatea.”

One student  really appreciated the opportunity “to put physical things together and see what I was learning.” For another, “my creativity ran wild as I was brainstorming the model for Gaia. I painted her in colors that represent the Earth. This is what made it fun!” But more than that, “I had the ability to bond with my classmates through working together in a hands-on situation, and sharing information we knew and learned in Mythology and everyday life.”

Connections abounded! “I learned about how the Greeks looked at the world and what they believed. I saw that the Bible has a lot of similarities to Greek mythology,” even though another student noted how different the creation stories were. But most of all, "I think Greek myth is most fascinating because of the intricacy of the stories and depth of the characters. They really were connected to the gods as if they knew them personally. They have emotions and flaws, just like real people. I got the pleasure to know them.”

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