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23 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Right Private High School – Free Guide

Authored By: 
The Beekman School

High school years are some of the most pivotal years in one’s life. Children transition to becoming young adults and the surrounding environment, including the high school he or she attends, plays a major influence. But what happens when the student has a particular set of needs that don’t easily fit into a mold?

Since its founding in 1925, The Beekman School, a coeducational college preparatory school located on Manhattan’s East Side, has been providing differentiated instruction based on each student's unique interests and needs through flexibility, focus on the individual, and compassionate educators.

Beekman is offering families a free 23-question guide to help parents and students evaluate and choose the right private high school. Here are some of the most important questions to ask during your school evaluation process, and Beekman’s responses.

  1. What is your school’s educational philosophy and what are its values?

During its existence, The Beekman School has remained true to its founder’s vision that every student, regardless of level and pace, can succeed within the framework of a traditional education when they have the right support. By empowering choice, providing maximum flexibility, and offering a multitude of learning options it helps students model an educational path that’s right for them.

  1. How does your school personalize the educational experience?

During individual meetings with students and their parents, and by reviewing previous academic records, our administration can design a daily schedule that accommodates the needs of most college-bound students. Flexibility throughout the term, coupled with quick, ongoing feedback from teachers, enables us to be sensitive to the unique needs of each student and offer program changes when appropriate.

  1. What is your school’s college guidance program?

At Beekman, we believe college guidance actually starts the first day a student walks through our doors. Our college prep programs provide students with the opportunity to benefit from a robust curriculum, personalized instruction, on-site tutoring, and standardized test support. Courses are chosen to challenge students without overwhelming, and interest them while aiming for career goals. In addition, our college guidance counselor provides one-on-one assistance during the entire admissions process and keeps parents actively involved. 100% of our students who apply to college are accepted!

  1. What essential life skills does your school help students build before college?

Our faculty helps students develop the abilities necessary to maneuver the demands of independent living, in and out of the classroom. Some of these skills are: proper work and study habits, problem-solving, time management, self-advocacy, responsibility and accountability, respect for yourself and those around you, collaborating with others in a diverse group, and persistence.

It is important that families take the time to research their school choices thoroughly. For additional guidance, please make sure to download the complete free guide23 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Right Private School for the Niche Student.’’

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