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Scholarships, and Why a Private Education is Worth the Cost

Authored By: 
George Higgins, Headmaster

Each generation has looked at the cost of private education and wondered if it was worth the money when there are free public schools available.  For some, those public schools can actually rival many of the good private schools.  But for most, there is a huge gap between the two programs in the quality of education received.

Many families have found that their local public school is sufficient through the 8th grade, but as college-bound students begin to prepare for post-secondary education, the game changes.  If you want to stay competitive in the college application race, you are probably trying to figure out a way to manage the ever-growing costs of a private high school education.  When published comparisons are made by independent third parties, the public high schools just don’t measure up to most of the private schools, and the advantages a student will receive during those four years of high school will pay off when trying to find a spot at selective colleges.

The most obvious answer to this tuition dilemma is financial aid.  Most parents want to know how much assistance is available as soon as possible so time isn’t wasted on the application process, and the student doesn’t get too excited about a new school.

Ask if there is a high school scholarship when you first contact the school.  If a school isn’t going to be able to provide you with the financial support you’ll need to attend, they will be glad you asked so no one invests time on a dead-end endeavor.  If there is a scholarship for high school students, the school’s administration will also be happy to bring that to your attention since they are eager to attract the best candidates.  Your inquiry shouldn’t be a source of embarrassment.  My guess is that a lot of the staff at that school would have trouble finding the resources for their child to attend unless they were offered some help, too.

Scholarship for high school may not even be need-based.  Our school provides 50% tuition remission for new 9th and 10th grade students who have earned a minimum 3.0 G.P.A. in their academic subjects.  This merit-based award is available to everyone, regardless of income, and many schools have a similar program.  Ask if such a program is offered or look through a school’s website for more information.

The key to achieving your goal of being offered an affordable tuition is to apply early!  There are a lot of families looking and resources will be used up quickly.  The sooner you reach out, the better; no time is too soon.

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