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Six Future Career Paths for which a Bachelor’s in History Will Prepare You

Authored By: 
Anastasia Georgoulis, History Teacher

During Junior year of high school, students stress out over their grades because they know colleges will be judging them. Senior year, students stress out over the application process and its deadlines. All this stress to get into college is so that they can have more opportunities that will lead to successful lives. If you are a college-bound senior, you have time to figure out your life’s path – and even time to make mistakes – but that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself some direction as well. Below are some careers you could set yourself up for by choosing History as your college major.

1.) Lawyer/Attorney: My father went from earning his Bachelor's in History to earning his JD. He learned the important skills of research and analysis.

2.) Film Critic: History is a general category with many sections depending on your interest. Prepare yourself to point out the accuracy level of blockbusters or indie films.

3.) Supreme Court Judge: Supreme Court cases are all about setting precedent-- justices need a strong grasp of not only the law but how society has evolved through the ages.

4.) Think Tank Consultant: Want to make money by contributing your educated opinion?

5.) Congressional representative: Want to take charge of your future? Then participate in making the laws you want to live by.

6.) History Teacher: Nothing is more rewarding than guiding teenagers into adulthood using the backdrop of history. We all need to learn from the past.

I admit my bias as a former History major, but I will also let you know that it’s not the major I started with my freshman year. It’s great to have ideas for the future, and it’s really great to let yourself and your decisions evolve accordingly.

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