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When Should the High School Application Process Begin?

Authored By: 
George Higgins, Headmaster

The application process for an education program, whether it's high school, college, or a pre-K program, can be stressful.  The best strategy is always to plan in advance, develop an outline, and take it one step at a time.

Although each school will have its own specific procedure, the private high school application process is generally the same at most schools.  It's best to begin this understaking early in the fall of the year before you want to enroll in your new school.

Start by identifying the qualities of the school that you want to attend.  Then, ask administrators in your current school for a list of names that most closely match the characteristics that you have created.  Next, take a look at each of the school's websites.  Do you like what you see?  Are you finding the information that you want?

Hopefully, you have the names of several schools that could be possibilities for next year.  With that list, contact each school and arrange a visit.  Some schools will have open houses, others will schedule an interview with you.  This should be especially easy for you if you are part of the NYC high school admissions process.

It is important to get a first-hand feel for each school.  Although websites are useful, they are built by each school.  When you visit, you will get your own impressions and make your own opinions.

Lastly, apply to several places.  Not everyone gets into his or her first choice and it's also a good idea to have a back-up plan.

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