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Why Enroll In a College Prep School? What’s Different About It?

Authored By: 
George Higgins, Headmaster

It seems that the college admissions process continues to feel more competitive and stress-inducing with each passing year, whether we like it or not.  To prepare for that challenge, it is necessary to find good college prep programs that will prepare you for those expectations.

If you’re close to finishing the 8th grade and beginning to look for the best college prep high schools, you probably already know why this type of program is so important.  If your goal is to attend college, those four years of high school must teach you the skills required for a successful transition into higher education.  It’s more that just life skills, as vital as they are in this process.  There are specific academic preparations that will be part of your four-year program.

College prep high schools know the skill set that universities assume you possess when you join their student body, and high school teachers are including those in the lessons they develop during your time in their courses.  This is why you need to be in the proper academic environment.  If you plan to be a chef, it’s not necessary to learn the accepted form for a bibliography or how to properly footnote when you’re probably not going to be expected to write research papers.

The types of students who need a college prep school are only those students who have the goal of attending college.  It is a misconception to assume that college prep courses for high school students are more valued for your chosen career than other courses.  They’re just different.  College prep classes for high school students focus on developing skills that non-college prep students probably may not need, and while everyone needs a solid academic foundation before entering adulthood, not everyone needs to prepare for the SAT.

Does every 8th grade student know what he/she wants to do after high school?  I doubt it.  So this is my general advice; if you have the academic ability to succeed in a college prep high school, enroll!  Having options when you begin making your post-graduation plans is always a plus, and strengthening your academic knowledge base is never a bad thing. There’s much to be gained from taking on challenges and learning what you need to do to succeed.  Apply today!

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