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Why Students Change Schools

Authored By: 
George Higgins, Headmaster

Many of the reasons a person wants to change schools during the academic calendar year are the same as wanting to utilize services in The Tutoring School:

  • Family is transferred to NYC
  • Want to live in NYC to pursue interests outside of school
  • Want to acclimate to the city to be better prepared for a college in the city
  • Current school isn’t a good match (too easy, too rigid, too big, etc.)
  • Unhappy at boarding school and want to come home
  • Public school isn’t working out well
  • Have been home due to extended illness and cannot return to previous school
  • Personal challenges necessitate a fresh start
  • Are being bullied or cyber bullied and want a safer environment
  • Current school can’t accommodate scheduling needs
  • Not enough support for specific learning needs
  • Current learning environment not optimal for student’s needs
  • Feel like the current school is “factoring” you out
  • Violated a school rule and asked to leave
  • Not happy with the student body
  • Not happy with the faculty
  • Not happy with the administration

If you are considering a change in schools, there is no wrong time to make the switch.  The sooner a student is attending a school that matches that student’s needs, the happier everyone will be.  And the typical improvement in grades is just a bonus!

Many schools offer summer programs and have year-round admissions.   Start your internet search, visit websites, and make appointments to observe the schools that best support the reasons why changing schools is your best option.

We are welcoming students to class this spring either via a hybrid in-person/online learning model in NYC (following our Spring Break), or via fully remote, synchronous online classes.  Learn more about our response to COVID-19 >