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Will Learning a Second Language Help You Get Into College?

Authored By: 
George Higgins, Headmaster

In an ever-increasing global community, no one should be asking why learning a second language in high school is so important.  And if you are planning on continuing your education after high school, you don’t need to ask yourself if learning a second language will help you get into college because most colleges are going to require it anyway.

So, now that you have established the importance, and probably the necessity, of learning a second language, how do you choose one?  My advice is to be practical and select a language that you will be able to use regularly.  For most people living in the United States, that language is Spanish.

Teaching Spanish in high school is probably more common than any other language so you should find a high school Spanish curriculum available in most schools.  In fact, many private schools are starting high school level Spanish in the 8th grade, which means that a student could be able to take the AP Spanish exam before graduation.

While learning in the classroom is always the bulk of a syllabus, many cities have a sizeable Spanish population and there are many Spanish activities for high school age students to experience that will enhance the curriculum.

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