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What Does Personalized Learning Mean at Beekman?

Authored by Kara Krauze, Contributing Writer

From an infant’s first days, parents make choices for their child representing the family’s values and interests – taking into consideration the child’s own personality.  And yet when children enter school, we relinquish much of this participation.  The child becomes a student.  But now more parents are asserting that education needn’t happen at the expense of individuality. As Lisa Miller reports in New York Magazine, “many parents want to give their kids something more creative, flexible, and engaging than a school day they see as factory-made.” Whether a child is exceptionally bright, struggles with course material that feels impenetrable, diagnosed with dyslexia or requires an unusual schedule, the family can benefit from a personalized approach.  Large schools, often with more crowded classrooms, are seldom able to offer the customization and attention many students need – especially when a student has additional circumstances to address in terms of schedule, course content or...read more

Topics: personalized learning, tutoring, customized learning, homeschooling, flexible curriculum, transfer, George Higgins, Maren Holmen

Faculty Perspectives: A Portrait of Beekman

Authored by James Vescovi, English teacher

Having sent three children through New York City independent schools, I believed I was well acquainted with what they had to offer – that is, until I arrived at The Beekman School as an English teacher, after 25 years as an editor.  The first thing that struck me about Beekman was how, in some ways, it operates like a small college. The classes, which include a maximum of 10 students, feel like seminars.  No student – no matter where he or she sits, or how “small” that student attempts to make him or herself – escapes a teacher’s eye.  This allows faculty to keep tabs on all students, to make sure that they are keeping up with homework and papers and understanding the material. The class size also gives teachers the chance to get to know a class soon after a semester begins. Because of the flexibility built into the Beekman English curriculum, teachers can choose the novels, poems and plays that they think will reach and resonate with a given class – from classics by Stephen Crane, T....read more

Topics: Beekman School, personalized learning, high school, New York City private schools, James Vescovi

When Summer School is the Right Choice for You

Authored by Kara Krauze, Contributing Writer

Here we are, summer around the corner, the sidewalks soon heating up, and dreams of beach vacations approaching.  But wait.  Maybe you’re just realizing your son has fallen behind in that geometry class.  Maybe your daughter needs better language prep in Spanish or Latin.  Perhaps English is a second language and your child will be more comfortable with classes next term by continuing English studies during the summer.  Or maybe your child wants to go deeper in a topic of interest. Learning doesn’t stop just because the beaches open.  Increasingly, experts are telling us that it shouldn’t. There tend to be three reasons students attend summer school: They couldn’t pass or complete a course, whether due to difficulty with the subject, personal matters or illness. They got through a course, but want to strengthen their skills and knowledge base for the coming year.  Many subjects are cumulative.  One awkward semester can lead to another.  But if students can hit restart—reviewing and...read more

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