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Job Title: 
BA, Mathematics: Fordham University
MS, Mathematics: Pennsylvania State University

Charles Sitler (B.A., Fordham University, 1968; M.S., The Pennsylvania State University, 1971) has been a member of the Beekman Mathematics Department since 1988. In that time Charlie (as he is known) has taught Geometry, Algebra II & Trigonometry, and other syllabus Math courses, as well as one semester electives in the Mathematics of Symmetry, and the Mathematics of Infinity.  His specialty is Logic and the Philosophy of Mathematics, and in previous years has also taught an elective in Eastern Philosophy.  In addition, for over twenty years Charlie taught as an adjunct professor at New York University, where he lectured on Precalculus Mathematics.  Since 2015 Charlie has worked in The Tutoring School where, through individualized sessions, he continues  to empower his students in understanding and appreciating the beauty that is Mathematics.

We are welcoming students to class this fall either via a hybrid in-person/online learning model in NYC or via fully remote, synchronous online classes. 

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